The World Still Needs More Bloggers

Few days back, one of a member of the community shot me an email and raised an interesting point that caught my attention. He said that, I want to start a new blog, but I’m worried that there is any place for me in the blogging world because I think world already have enough numbers of blog. Every...
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spice up your blog posts

5 Ways To Spice Up Every Blog Post You Write

Every blogger tend to be bit trigger happy with the publish button at the end of hours of writing a post, Do you? But what If the published post doesn’t get that readers, tweets and responses it deserved? I know it happens a lot of time with blogger. You’ve spent hours in writing a great...
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Google Authorship

How To Get Google Authorship Verified For Your WordPress Blog

Do you want to show your face in Google search results for your articles? Ever wondered how some people are showing their faces in Google search results? They are doing it by verifying the Google authorship markup for their website or blog in Google search results. Google authorship feature is active...
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Responding To Every Comment

Why Do I Respond To Every Comment on My Blog And Why You Should Too

You want to know my secret strategy to building relationships with bloggers and increasing the number of comments? Of course you do… This is a question I’ve been asked by many bloggers like Anil Agarwal from Well, You need to add a human aspect to your blog and remind...
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How To Gain Trust Of Your Readers

5 Ways To Gain The Trust of Your Readers

That’s right… You’ve read the correct headline. Blogging is all about gaining the trust of your readers and building relationship with them. If you wish to convert the casual readers into loyal readers, you need to imbibe the trust in them. There was a time when running a blog or website...
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how to get indexed by google

The Ultimate Guide on How To Get Indexed By Google

After writing many article about SEO Tips, I’ve had lots of readers asking me how to get indexed by Google faster. If you have a blog and you’re keeping it update in daily basic or in weekly basic, it is very important to get your blog posts indexed faster by Google. Every Blogger wants their...
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Pop-up Is One of The Most Annoying Thing, Isn’t It?

Last week I have participated in Blog Engage contest and wrote about 10 blog design mistakes that will kill your blog as my contest entry post where the first point was about auto-popups. I’ve clearly mentioned that pop-ups are one of the most annoying thing that can stress your readers. The post...
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Blog Engage

I Have Participated In Blog Engage Guest Blogging Contest #6

I have joined the Blog Engage guest blogging contest #6 and this is my second time to join a contest online. Blog Engage had been hosted 5 guest blogging contests already this year and this time the 6th contest is running. It has been only one and half month since I joined Blog Engage when there was...
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