How to Kick Start Your Blogging Career With a Pro Blogger

If you’re new to blogging scene and willing to begin, but don’t like reading long-winded text based content and blogging guides around the web. You’re not alone! There are too many people who don’t like reading long text content on blogs, and It’s kinda complicated to a...
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increase blog traffic

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Top 10 Ways That Works

Blogging isn’t a one way street; A blog can’t exist without traffic and It’s readers, can it? I grew up with this quote. Today I am going to share with you some really awesome working ways to get those readers and increase blog traffic that I’ve tried and worked on myself. Before...
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How to use Google plus

How to Use Google Plus for Everything – An Easy Guide to Google+

Social-media is the strongest revolution tool available to the public. The immense popularity of social networking among youngsters have made this platform really productive. Here by social media I am not referring to some other supernatural or extra-terrestrial social networking sites. It is the same...
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Blogging Productivity

How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity by 500%

Blogging is simple, really simple If It’s done correctly! It may seem complex when you first begin, but trust me, it is simple. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy. If you can increase your productivity as a blogger, then you will make everything seem simple to you while you...
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Why and How Not to Get a Blog Post/Page Indexed by Google

  What? Yep, you’ve read the correct headline! There are some instances where we bloggers don’t want our content to show up in search engines, and don’t want a specific post or page from our blog to get indexed by Google. Why? Because we don’t want to. For example, a few...
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Returning readers

How to Actually Convert First Time Visitors into Returning Readers

Isn’t it an extremely frustrating feeling when you’ve written some good blog posts, SEO optimized them and started getting a good number of visitors daily, but can’t make them stick around and can’t convince them to subscribe? I know it is. In just 70 blog posts, Guide and News...
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Blog Plan

Building a Successful Blog Plan: Everything You Need to Know

Do you build a plan before launching a new blog? No? Successful blogs always create a blog plan, and It’s important to give your blog a path to follow. Planning is like a road map that gives you a right path to follow. It’s important not only in blogging, but in everything you do in your...
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I Have Participated in Guest Blogging Contest

Why I Have Participated in a Guest Blogging Contest & Why You Should Too

A couple of months ago when I participated in Blog Engage guest blogging contest, I had really amazing feeling. It was so fun networking with other bloggers, learning, sharing and non-stop relationship building with other bloggers. It’s that time again. I’ve again participated in a guest...
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